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I have some data to move around. How can I get involved as a user of the SANReN Data Transfer Pilot?

Complete the survey and email for more information.

Where can I get the SANReN Data Transfer Service Terms and Conditions Agreement?

Send an email to

Before access to the Data Transfer Nodes is granted, an agreement must be signed individually by each user of the pilot service and

The Terms and Conditions document states that a user must apply appropriate security best practices to secure their accounts. What guidelines can I use?

Keep your passwords and private SSH key safe and confidential

Secure any data containing personal information that is being transferred by the service using generally accepted encryption mechanisms such as, anonymisation, pseudonymisation or a suitable alternative.

Do not solely rely on the security provided by the Service.

What tools are available for me to transfer my data between the Data Transfer nodes and my sites?

We currently using a trial version of Globus software on our Data Transfer Nodes. A guide to help to transfer a file on globus is available.

What security is provided by the service? The Data Transfer node that I am transferring my dataset to sits outside my campus firewall. Is this safe?

Security on our Data Transfer nodes is implemented through the use of ssh key authentication only access.

I would like to learn more about data transfer best practices. Where can I find more information about networking concepts and architecture that could help me move around my datasets faster?

Information is available from ESnet.

For queries and more information please contact

An extensive knowledgebase is available at

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