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Support for the SANReN network via the TENET Service Support Centre

  • Fault Reporting and logging (24/7):
    • Tel: +27.12.763.7147
    • Email: (ticketing system)
  • Note:
    • Hours
      • Business Hours (Monday to Friday: 08h00 to 17h00 SAST) – fully staffed
      • After-Hours, Weekends and Public Holidays – routed to designated to be on standby
    • Contact your institutions internal IT support department first. If they are unable to assist directly, they will contact the TENET Service Support Centre
    • The TENET Site Number (TSN) is important for fault logging – it speeds the process of communication between the Service Support Centre and TENET’s engineering staff
    • Further details for fault reporting and support can be found on the TENET website
  • Information Channels:


The operational status for some services are available at:

Support for SANReN services

  • Requesting a site connection to SANReN, subject to being eligible under TENET’s Connection Policy, email: info(at)
  • Security Incident Response, email: csirt(at) or see
  • Performance Enhancement Response, email: pert(at)

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