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TENET’s Service Support Continuity – COVID19 Lockdown

Last evening President Ramaphosa announced a national lockdown on movement, except for, amongst other industries, those involved in the maintenance of digital infrastructure services.

Last week, TENET took the steps necessary to mitigate the risk of the spread of the virus with all employees working from home with effect from Tuesday, 17th March.

Due to adopting the strategy earlier rather than later, we have managed to iron out our work-from-home issues and are happy that the national lockdown will have no negative impact on the service support desk availability for our beneficiaries.

We will continue to engage with our backbone and site link service providers and will use remote hands where necessary in order to restore physical site connectivity. As always, we will continue to rely on your support and guidance in any such incident requiring equipment power confirmation, physical intervention and access for 3rd party providers for link testing and remediation.

Please continue to log all incidents and service requests as normal to or by calling +27 21 763 7147 which will be routed to our employees working from home.

Wishing you all the best in days and weeks ahead.

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