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SANReN Cyber Security Challenge 2018 in full swing

SANReN is hosting its second Cyber Security Challenge during the CHPC National Meeting 2018 at the Century City Conference Centre in Cape Town from the 02 to 06 December 2018. The Challenge is currently in full swing and competition between teams is rife.

The current ranking at 15h20 on 03 December 2018. Team MisJUDged is in the lead.

The purpose of the competition is to stimulate interest in Cyber Security in the field of network security within South African Tertiary institutions. Thus, the competition is aimed at university students who are interested in information security fields such as penetration testing, incident response, digital forensics and security training. During the competition students will be exposed to real cyber related threats.

Due to the high interest among students the competition was split into two rounds. In the first, qualifying round, students competed for placement and a chance to compete in the final round at the hosted event in Cape Town. Of the over 200 students from over ten universities that sought a place in the final round, only 40 were placed.

Which one of these teams will be crowned the winner?

  • misjudged – BRICS Champions
  • Down Town Cookie Factory – University of Pretoria
  • Wits Hacky Sac – University of the Witwatersrand
  • PUK3 – North West University
  • GGEZ – University of the Western Cape
  • Mirai – Rhodes University
  • Bit Phase – Stellenbosch University
  • Bureau 122 – University of Cape Town
  • NUST4 – Namibia University of Science and Technology
  • Cyber Nerds – University of Botswana

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For more information see Cyber Security Challenge 2018

SANReN presents “Moving more data, faster (yours!) – the science DMZ as enabler”

At the Data Intensive Research Initiative of South Africa (DIRISA) National Research Data Workshop 2018, 45 delegates were educated in the latest practices for transferring large scientific/research datasets. These include: the science DMZ network design pattern, data transfer nodes (DTNs), perfSONAR for measurement and monitoring as well as specialised data transfer tools. The presentation was made by Kasandra Pillay, who also gave an overview of SANReN’s data transfer service pilot and DTN deployment to delegates as possible users of the service.

Presentation: Moving more data faster (pdf)

For more information please contact:


Registration for the Cyber Security Challenge (CSC) 2018 training challenges now open

Registration for the Cyber Security Challenge (CSC) 2018 training challenges are now open.

Register at:

Your Journey to the finals will be as follows:

  • Register for the training challenges – May 2018
  • Prepare yourself through the training challenges (all gladiators need practice)
  • Register for the preliminary round – date to be announced
  • The finals (only the best go through) – December 2018, Cape Town

Further information can be found at:

Read about last years Cyber Security Challenge 2017 winners.

SANReN Cyber Security Challenge 2018

During 2017 the South African National Research Network (SANReN) initiated the Cyber Security Games project which was aimed at establishing the hosting of an information security student competition with an emphasis on network security. This resulted in the first Cyber Security Challenge 2017 being hosted at the CHPC National Conference 2017.

Building on the success and high interest of the Cyber Security Challenge 2017, SANReN is preparing to host the Cyber Security Challenge 2018 at the CHPC National Conference 2018.

See the final results of the Cyber Security Challenge 2017.

Details of the Cyber Security Challenge 2018 can be found at:

Watch this space for details of when the participant registration portal is open and SANReN is accepting registrations for this years challenge.

SANReN Cyber Security Challenge 2017: Winners

SANReN hosted its inaugural Cyber Security Challenge at the CHPC National conference 2017.

The competition was split into two rounds:

  • During round one, students competed for positions to compete in the final round. Over one hundred students from seven universities competed in the first round that was hosted during October 2017.
  • During the final round, only 32 students comprising eight teams were placed to compete over a span of fours days from the 3rd to 6th December 2017. Much fun was had by the students during the competition.

The final scoreboard at the end of the competition was as follows:

Overall placement Prizes:

  • First Place: Team BitPhase, University of Stellenbosch
  • Second place: Team Awesome Source, University of Pretoria
  • Third Place: Team H5-N1, University of Pretoria

Specific Challenges:

  • Social Engineering Challenge: Team H5-N1, University of Pretoria
  • Hash Challenge: Team H5-N1, University of Pretoria
  • Hack the Server Challenge: Team Insecure, University of the Western Cape

SA NREN parallel event at CHPC National Conference 2017

The South African NREN hosted a parallel event at the CHPC National Conference 2017 on the 5 December 2017.

The following presentations were made:

Session 1:

Session 2: